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Welcome to wiki for all info on compatible badges :). is a project with the aim of providing a reliable off-the-shelf firmware for electronic event badges, with easy creation of MicroPython badge apps known as eggs and their deployment to end users through an app store known as the hatchery. It has its roots in the team responsible for the successful badge at the SHA2017 hacker camp in the Netherlands. Currently (Q1 2019) the firmware supports ESP32 platforms, and the team have produced firmware for three event badges with another in development.

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Future badge projects

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Embrace Extend Enkindle

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Getting started with badge development

Our firmware supports apps, which we refer to as eggs. We encourage you to write your own eggs in MicroPython, and to that end we've produced some tutorials aimed at the first-time egg developer.

We also have a reference for the badge-specific MicroPython functions on your badge.


Badge.r and excited small snake (By Nekolett)

Long-term support on event badges #aftercare

It's sad to see these things become e-waste in no-time.

Who are

This is not a complete or ordered list, feel free to add yourself if you think you belong to our merry band of badge hackers :)