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  • 128x64 pixel LCD
  • SAMD ?!
  • IR io
  •  ?!

Startup guide to Disobey badge.[edit]

Below is a short introduction to the badge. Please read!

Arriving at Disobey2019, you have likely received a custom PCB badge to accompany the event. There are multiple badge types to differentiate event-goers from staff and people somehow involved with the event. Each badge takes 2x AAA alkaline 1.5V batteries. If you need to replace them, please use the same type.

When you get the badge, make sure you put in batteries and start it up first time at the venue. The badge will need to update its software via "badge" wireless network. It will require manual re-flashing, if it does not succeed in fetching the firmware through the venue wifi!

Badge can be accessed from the computer via USB. It communicates via serial at 115200 baudrate. In Linux it should appear as /dev/ttyACM0 (or at first free number, higher than 0). You can open the Menu and navigate it, or invoke MicroPython shell and live-code on the hardware!

Badge also offers an on-screen menu. You can trigger manually an OTA firmware update, change default WiFi credentials (especially usefull after the event, when you use it at home!).

You can develop code for the badge directly on it via serial connection. You can connect to the Hatchery server and download applications other have uploaded there, and run them on your badge. You can develop your own applications and upload them as MicroPython eggs to Hatchery! (Since Disobey badge is using SHA-2017 MicroPython with modifications, you can also access public SHA-2017 hatchery and see, and maybe even run their apps!)

There is a guide to the API of MicroPython available on the badge.

Slides of badge talk.