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TODO Introduction

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Welcome to wiki for all info on compatible badges :)


SHA2017Badge at Still Hacking Anyway August 2017

Disobey2019Badge at Disobey January 2019

HackerHotel2019Badge to be released at Hacker Hotel February 2019

Your badge? Join us on IRC or Telegram!


Long-term support on event badges #aftercare

It's sad to see these things become e-waste in no-time.

Who are

This is not a complete or ordered list, feel free to add yourself if you think you belong to our merry band of badge hackers :)

  • Sebastian Oort
  • Anne Jan Brouwer
  • Bas van Sisseren
  • Renze Nikolai
  • Markus Bechtold
  • Jeroen Domburg
  • Niek Blankers
  • Tom Clement
  • Arnout Engelen
  • Mendel Mobach
  • Thomas Roos
  • Kliment