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Install ampy just run pip install adafruit-ampy

Usage: ampy [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  ampy - Adafruit MicroPython Tool

  Ampy is a tool to control MicroPython boards over a serial connection.
  Using ampy you can manipulate files on the board's internal filesystem and
  even run scripts.

  -p, --port PORT  Name of serial port for connected board.  Can optionally
                   specify with AMPY_PORT environemnt variable.  [required]
  -b, --baud BAUD  Baud rate for the serial connection (default 115200).  Can
                   optionally specify with AMPY_BAUD environment variable.
  --version        Show the version and exit.
  --help           Show this message and exit.

  get    Retrieve a file from the board.
  ls     List contents of a directory on the board.
  mkdir  Create a directory on the board.
  put    Put a file or folder and its contents on the...
  reset  Perform soft reset/reboot of the board.
  rm     Remove a file from the board.
  rmdir  Forcefully remove a folder and all its...
  run    Run a script and print its output.

Alternatives: mpfshell