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There are six pads for WS2812 or SK6812 LEDs on the front. Guess what? You can add them on yourself! Why? Because adding components to the front of the board is expensive (the board has to go through the machine twice). Have no fear, at camp there are plenty of capable hackers to help you if soldering isn't your thing.


How to blink[edit]

The LEDs are powered via a mosfet switched on by GPIO # on the MPR121 (i2c adress 0x5A, write to register 0x78, data 0x40). After that, blast your favorite WS2812 or SK6812 routine through GPIO 32 on the ESP32! Have fun burning your eyes!

ESP32 MicroPython has a neopixel library that should just work™

Expanding LEDs[edit]

More you say? You want more? Sure, The data-out from the last LED is broken out on the expansion connector.

Be careful with drawing power from this connector, you could burn out the regulator, a fuse or just drain your battery really fast!

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