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Hi and welcome to your HackerHotel 2019 badge kit!

In your badge you will find:

  • Badge
  • Flyer
  • Lanyard
  • Headphones
  • Battery
  • Hook and Loop pads
  • Motor
  • IR LED
  • Grove connector

Missing from your kit is the IR-receiver. Please come and pick these up at the Badge Hacking Area. Missing anything else? Find us in the Badge Hacking Area at HackerHotel.


IMG 2695.jpeg

Stick the Hook and Loop pad on your battery.

IMG 2696.jpeg

Place battery a little to the left of the Grove connector and on top of the touch IC (where it says 'do not touch', top-right corner should overlap 'do' silkscreen.

Plug in your headphones, connect the battery and start playing with your badge! Enjoy the music during the sponsor-reel.

More hardware[edit]

HackerHotel2019Badge/Soldering for all your soldering info

Developing Apps[edit]

Create your apps in the Hatchery at https://badge.team and feel free to read the code on any of the old apps for inspiration. More API documentation will come!