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AnOtter Watch[edit]

AnOtter Watch prototype d0a3733.jpg

Current status: Prototype ordered!


Front side AnOtter Watch prototype d0a3733.jpg

So called "smart" watches are a dime a dozen, but what does a hacker really need?


  • ESP32


  • 240x240 SPI IPS
    • ST7789V controller integrated RAM and 12/16/18 bit colour
  • ADS7946SRTET
    • 14 bit 2 MSPS Dual-Channel, Differential/Single-Ended ULP ADC


  • TCA9535MRGER
    • 16 bit IO expander
  • BMI270
    • 6-axis MEMS IMU
  • SAO connector


  • CH340C
    • USB to serial


  • 4x SK6812MINI
  • Bright white LED
  • TMHU26
    • Up / Down / Center switch


  • USB-C
  • TP4056
    • Li-Ion charger chip
  • TPS63001DRCR
    • HE Single Inductor Buck-Boost Converter 1.8 A
  • SPST
    • Power on / off

. . and much more :)

Software TODOs[edit]

Display drivers[edit]

Choose bit depth(s)

It seems the display supports a low power 8 color mode, with no backlight that might just be enough for low power watch app . .

Choose UI kit


Since we only have UP, DOWN and CENTER we'll at-least need something like long press for Cancel / Back . .


This is the easiest of the following . .


High speed magic needed

Component tester[edit]

There seem to be a couple of "flavours" of this, some with very nicely commented code